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Cold Mountians

Crafting strategic communication that resonates, fosters understanding, and inspires action - a symphony of words orchestrating a pathway to shared vision and collective achievement

Reflect on your organization's ability to communicate effectively.  Do any of the following pain points resonate?


Over-reliance on meetings

Across the public and private landscape, leaders concur that they have far too many unproductive meetings.  Meetings quickly compound and become an all-consuming task for the entire organization when not kept in check.


Unclear decision rights

From the highest echelons of the US Armed Forces to Fortune 100 companies, unclear decision authority is commonplace.  Decisions that could ordinarily be made in minutes consistently take weeks to adjudicate in the absence of a clear authority to make them.


Parallel governance processes

Duplicative oversight bodies are dependably present as organizations become larger and more complex.  Councils, boards, and committees with near-identical purposes frequently exist in tandem and doubly tax the time and energy of leaders across business units.

An extreme overreliance on meetings, lack of clear decision rights, and duplicative governance structures are common sources of value erosion that plague both the public and private sector alike. The costs of such inefficiencies can be astronomical.

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